Injoy Imagery | About

My name is Jacqueline and my life revolves around details. Tiny little details. Whether it's nature, design or the beautiful details of human interaction, you can't get much past me. The way a couples hands intertwine or noses scrunch together just-so, to the way a dad looks at his daughter on her wedding day with so much love and pride and the way a mom adoringly stares at her newborn thinking "I can't believe I created this".

I truly believe photography is magic. It allows you to capture the beauty in these special, tiny moments and it maybe even helps you realize how truly happy you really look and how beautiful you really are. Something that is rare, but something everyone deserves.

Photography is without a doubt my number one passion. It keeps me up late, gets me out of bed early and makes me excited about life. I would be absolutely humbled and honored if you choose me to capture any of these precious life's moments. I promise to capture real moments of your real life love story.