Sweetness in Seattle {Making the very most of the off-season}

March 11, 2016  •  7 Comments

In my opinion, traveling the world, exploring new places and meeting new people is what makes this life worth living. Busy cities, the quiet country, I truly love it all. Two feet and a heartbeat, my camera in hand, solo or with a (very patient) travel partner, I just want to wander aimlessly and take it all in. The noises of the street, the smell of the air, the food, the colours, the locals and getting a sense of the overall "friendliness" of a city. The best neighbourhoods, architecture, markets, coffee shops, cute little boutiques, greenspaces, and the waterfront. Each city and each adventure provides a unique experience that never seems to leave you.

Back in January, my love moved out to Seattle for work, which is both a blessing and a curse all at the same time. Long distance relationships of course have their challenges and we miss each other every day, but we try to focus on all the positives that come along with it and all the amazing experiences we'll have while he's out there. Not to mention, being my own boss allows me a great deal of flexibility when planning my visits, especially in the off-season and I'm very very grateful for that. I flew out there on my 30th birthday, which was by far the best birthday present ever.

We explored together, I explored on my own, there were days spent editing and keeping up with e-mails and there were also days where I gave myself permission to just relaaax (what a concept), binge watch Jimmy Fallon and eat a whole lot of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Oops!

We went on a couple absolutely amazing road trips, one East through Washington, surrounded by beautiful Mount Baker and snow-covered mountains galore. Another weekend was a ferry adventure to Whidbey Island and then a full tour around the Olympic Mountain Range on the windiest, lushest, tree-lined roads. We went on the most incredible rainforest hike surrounded by the biggest most breathtaking trees and the most delicious dewy air. We watched the waves and took in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and that epic coastal landscape. We also stayed in some adorable Airbnb's, another element of travel that has quickly become a favorite of mine.

I'm now home with a fully recharged battery and it sure feels good. I can't wait for our next adventure and for some more salty air in my lungs, but I'm also so excited to get back to the grind and to continue to grow my business, work on some major 2016 goal setting and to take on the upcoming wedding season in full force. A vacation, a staycation, or just a day to do something you love, or to do nothing at all, give yourself permission to relax and recharge and I promise, you will absolutely thank yourself later.







Seattle is a favorite destination and it's nice to see that it can be enjoyed any season of the year. Love the photo quality too, I must say!
Injoy Imagery
Thank you so much all!! It's easy to take pretty pictures in such a beautiful place!!
Kim Worrall(non-registered)
Seattle is one of our favourite places. Just love these pictures and your insights. Such talent & passion. You inspire me.
Lori Madill(non-registered)
Just stunning! (The bridges looked a little too high for me though!)
Love everything about this blog xo
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