Kate & Dave {One Sweet Couple and Their Romantic, Golden Hour Engagement Shoot}

January 08, 2015  •  2 Comments

It's always such a privilege to be able to capture special moments and milestones for your nearest, dearest friends. Getting to witness them the happiest they've ever been and share in the excitement, the best way I know how, is an absolute gift.

Kate is truly one of the best people I know. Beautiful inside and out with the most wonderful, refreshing and absolutely inspiring spirits. Not to mention she's one ridiculously hardworking, talented and badass lady.

I always knew when Kate found the right guy, he'd have to be pretty darn special. And literally in the first minute of meeting Dave, I knew he was exactly that. Someone so genuine and so warm with a spirit to match Kate's. He was it.

Together these two are pure magic. The silliest of best friends with passion beyond belief. My heart is so so happy they found each other and that I have a front row seat to their amazing love story.

Completely love and adore you two!



Lori Madill(non-registered)
Oh Jake. You've done it again. So sweet to see Kate so happy. Very cool having played baseball with her
mom when you gals crawled around on blankets....Now the blankets are used a little differently!!! Love the complete contentment on their faces. Can't decide which of these moments I like better. Busting with pride and thrilled for this gorgeous couple. Hugs, Mom
Mandy Jenkins(non-registered)
These are stunning!! So well done Jake :) You just keep getting better and better
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