Chantal & Andy {Vintage Vans & Colourful Carnival Engagement Shoot}

December 27, 2013  •  5 Comments

I'm pretty sure each and every fiber of my being smiles when I look through these photos and for so many reasons which I'll quickly explain...

Reason #1- It's truly heartwarming to see anyone this happy. To witness two people who are so incredibly in love, yet can be so ridiculously silly together. Now that's pretty cool.

Reason #2- Chantal is my very best friend, my main squeeze, my travel soulmate and my kindred spirit, so of course I have some pretty high expectations when it comes to the man she's going to marry. But I can confidently say that I don't think she could've found anyone more right for her. Someone that makes her happy, can keep up with her and is equally as weird as she is (truth).

Reason #3- Looking through these photos I get to reminisce about the random adventure of a day we had. Everything just kind of fell into place so perfectly- the weather, the light, arriving at the fair to only discover it had closed an hour ago, yet we still managed to weasel our way in there with the entire colourful carnival backdrop completely to ourselves.

Now I could go on about these two all day, but I need to save some material for my wedding speech!

Andy & Chaunce- love you guys and I hope you "injoy" the photos! :P



Aunt Peggy(non-registered)
Oh words could ever express how I felt the love seeing these photos, or the love I seen between these two who have chosen to share their lives together as a couple . The photos needed no words, the photographer captured it all, and I saw and felt how Andy and Chantel love each other ! Thank you to everyone who made it possible for me to witness such happiness, I enjoyed them all so very much . And yes....Cboy fit right in, very handsome indeed .
Nancy Hayes(non-registered)
Enjoyed the pictures happy for them! :) Glad they shared these with all of us & know the excitement you all will share with the Wedding plans...those are also very precious as a family...xo
Lisa Van Landschoot(non-registered)
What beautiful pictures!!! Congratulations Andy and Chantal. How exciting Shelley & Steve a wedding!
shelley burns(non-registered)
I love these two with everything I have!! I am so excited for them both to venture forward in their lives as a couple. No two could be matched up better...crazy fun spirits!! Oh and Cboy...I love you too!! Jake....what a fabulous job you have done capturing the happiness Andy and Chantal share!!!.....oh I look so forward to the many things we all get to share as a family!!
Lori Madill(non-registered)
Oh Jake! And Oh Chantal! And Oh Andy!
What an amazing day you three had. I'm also reminiscing about how long our lives have intertwined. Andy was at Shannon and Michelle's 6th or 7th birthday party. Chantal over at our house on 22nd Sideroad practicing the dance routine for some school event to Nsync's Bye Bye Bye and of course, the Fumbles Bees. Watching the gazelle named Chantal running for another amazing TD after leaping through the air. What a joy to watch Chaunce's athletism. And how can I forget Collosus coming to all our games and being the sweetest least scary, scary looking dog ever. What a gem of a puppy! Oh and I guess I can go back even further to hanging with Andy's Mom on our grade 6 trip to Niagara Falls in 1972........So cool to watch lives and generations unfold and interlock. Through tears, I wish you two much happiness and I might say the photographer did a splended job!!! Love Lori Worrall/Mrs. Hofing/Mom/Lori Madill
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